Adult Dating Sites – 5 Things You Should Know About Them

It’s mostly us men that join adult dating sites, so this article is especially for you. I wrote this article to address such questions as…

Are all adult dating services just scam operations?

Are there any real women at these adult sites?

Does anyone really get laid using an adult site?

Here are 5 things that you must know about adult dating websites.

1. The free membership won’t get you very far.

You gotta pay if you want to play.

2. Yes, there are REAL women on these sites.

And there are fake profiles as well. Stay tuned – more on this later.

3. The majority of the real women DO NOT look as good as the women you see on the home page and sign up pages.

In the back of your mind you probably know this already. At least I hope you do.

4. Most adult dating sites send you bogus emails, winks, and flirts from sexy “women” who want to talk to you.

Within a couple of hours (sometimes within minutes) after you create a free account, you get excited when you receive notification from a hot 20 something year old who is interested in you.

There’s only one problem – you need to become a paying member to respond to her.

So you eagerly whip out your credit card and sign up. You hurry up and send your response to this hot girl. Then you wait for a reply.

You wait…

And wait…


You’ve been duped.

NOTE: If you’re a 50 year old fat dude, and you think that a young girl with a hot body is anxious to talk to you, then you deserve to be duped. Not to sound mean, but it’s the truth.

The adult sites put slick words in their terms and conditions to protect themselves from lawsuits.

The tactics do work. But it’s still sleazy.

5. You can get some action. Just be prepared to work for it.

As I mentioned earlier, there are real people using these sites. It’s true. I’ve confirmed this myself and I’ve also seen comments by real men (and women) that have had sex with adult site members.

The trick is that you have to be persistent. Think about it – men outnumber the women on these sites by large margins. You have lots of competition.

If you don’t look like Zac Efron, you may have to put in some work. Just being honest.

You might have to contact many women to score. But you can score.

Save yourself some time by ignoring the profiles of the women who look too perfect. Glamour shots are a dead giveaway for fake profiles (or women who post phony pictures).

By the way, there are scam artists who try to get men to sign up at a totally separate site for which they’ll get a commission. Don’t fall for that one either.

To summarize…

It is true that many adult dating sites are pure scam, but there are some good ones. The unfortunate truth is that even some of the good ones have shady practices.

Can you get laid using one of these sites? It’s definitely possible – if you work at it.

Top Free Photo Editing Software

More often than not, the best pictures were created through photo editing software. There are lots of possibilities with a decent photo editing software that can improve the photo quality – you can crop, resize, rotate, but you can also add fun effects and change its color balance or exposure. Free is where we would normally like to begin, here are some of the most recommended free photo editing software for you:

Pixir – an online photo editing program where it allows you to make use of helpful tools such as red eye reduction, color replacement, etc. And Pixlr is no registration required, you can edit, change and filter your photo online with this free software.

Picasa – A photo editing software released by Google, where you can edit photos, share, publish albums and even add tags from Google Maps. Using Picasa you do not need to upload anything to Google’s servers. It’s just an optional thing. You can use Picasa to convert a color photograph to Black and White, generate a beautiful banner for your weblog or add graphics to a picture, retouch a blemish or distracting mark from a picture and share photos with your friends and family without having to send them by email.

Adobe Photoshop Album Starters – Adobe is great when it comes to editing photos and videos professionally, but they also come with a hefty price tag. If you prefer something that’s free, opt for the Album Starter.

Photoscape – it is a free photo editing program that is required to be installed to your computer first. It help you view pictures in your albums and create a slideshow, add photos together to make new one, and resize to your favorite and make animated gif easily by adding photos or images.

FotoFlexer – a powerful web-based photo editing that allows you to air brush, modify, retouch, distort, morph and add other fun photo effects. It works with both uploaded photos as well as photos already on the internet. For people who are photo editing newbie, it is also very easy to use.

Photobie – Aside from editing photos, you can add picture templates and animations. There are also online tutorials and an online community of photographers to help you by giving you tips, tricks and secrets via the official site.

Those are the top six free picture editing software that you can pick to support your work.

Playing It Cool

Interesting read … Recommended … 4 stars

The Review

The narrative begins with the prologue where we find Sebastian ruminating about when it all began. Sebastian, Baz to some, Bastian to others and Seba to still others is eighteen years old and is the person so many turn to when they have a problem. It was Thursday when a grateful Caesar dropped Sebastian off at his house. Because of Sebastian Caesar has a date with Nicole. Sebastian gets things done. In two days Sebastian and his friend Jeremy will set off on an adventure to meet Jeremy’s biological father. Learning that he has a biological father, who is not the man married to his mother and is not the man Jeremy has always believed to be his ‘real’ father, has come as a bit of a surprise. The pair will be traveling to Wilmington, North Carolina where Bastian will pretend to be Jeremy. Jeremy needs a little time to get used to his newly discovered parent. Sara Shaw who is visiting the abortion clinic where her mother is protesting abortion, Jenny who calls to state that Paul is planning to kill himself, pizza chain owner Big Niko and his penchant for making time with women who are not his wife are all part of the tale. Coming to grips with his own birth circumstance, meeting Dromio Johansson, his wife, daughter and her friend, confronting a fellow who carries Rohypnol in his pocket, a girl named Christina, and making an assumption, Sara disappears and graduation day all move the story to the conclusion.

Playing it Cool is a well written, touching tale filled with pathos, adult language and conduct. Sebastian is ‘cool’, he smokes, drinks liquor and fixes things for everyone. He is the one everyone turns to when they have a problem. He can set up dates, arrange transportation and talk a friend down from a ledge. Blackmail and hostility, a need to fix things for everyone and misunderstanding are all part of the tale. A boy trying to appear as a man; Sebastian remains a disadvantaged boy who has little confidence with girls, and has a despairing need for a father of his own. Characters are not always likeable, they are plausible, complicated and captivating. Written with empathy and an energy that will drive readers forward Playing it Cool is a compelling read for upper grades and high school readers who enjoy reading a tale that is at times filled with distressing cerebral calamity.

Writer Dorfman possesses an understanding for dialogue and the human psyche, as the characters presented put themselves in disturbing peril in their desire to help others out of danger physical or emotive the reader is carried along on an emotional roller coaster. Tackling the harsh realism of life is not always easy or satisfying for adults or teens, Dorfman’s keen command of words is evident. Sebastian is a youngster who finds his life spinning out of control and the reader spins along with him. Dorfman’s writing is efficient, tense, and not for the immature young reader.

Writer Dorfman presents a compelling read in his young adult offering. Characters who are suffering from many of the same feelings of inadequacy and attempts to cover up by a façade of ‘cool’ or pretense as are faced by teens everywhere hold reader interest from opening lines to the last paragraph.

Graphic language and situations make the work not for everyone. Playing it Cool is a book many teens will find compelling with it’s tale of a young man who is in search of himself. Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.

Mind Control Games Review – A Look at the Mattel Mindflex Game

This short mind control games review focuses on Mattel Mindflex which is a game that so far has captured the imagination of both kids and adults. Are you considering on getting this toy for yourself or your child?

Then take a little time to check out what other consumers think about it first.

How much does it cost?

From the initial $80, it has dropped to $75 in big name stores however you can still buy one at even lower price from bargain retailers.

How unique is this toy?

So far, in terms of its technology, there is no other toy quite like it. The technology is termed by many as innovative and if you are wondering if it works, so far, the answer is yes. It is possible that this diversion from Mattel will inspire other similar types of games in the future.

Without surprise, people only buy this toy after they see how it works. It is not uncommon to see not just kids but also adults riveted around a player as they look on and watch a tiny foam ball bob up and down.

What about design and quality?

The console’s design is futuristic and sleek with great lighting accompanied by great sounds. The headset though could use some improvements especially for the sake of appearance and comfort. No matter, the current headset is alright as it does the job it is intended for.

Some think that the smaller parts are delicate but they do work and do not break. The balls (there are four of them) are made of foam and you have to take care not to squeeze them out of shape.

Is this fun to play?

This is a bit difficult to play at first however with patience, you will no doubt master it acquire the necessary mind control to tackle all five preset games. Make sure you play the toy with others as it could be boring to play it by yourself. This is one reason why a group of friends and family members make this toy more fun to play.

For kids, this toy can enhance their focusing and concentration abilities. It also helps them relax as they achieve the fastest speed course completion time.

All in all, this mind control games review find Mattel Mindflex a great toy to buy especially if the price is not an issue for you and you wish to increase your child’s concentration level.

Importance of Having a Baby Car Seat

A car accident is quite unpredictable and can occur at any moment without any prior warning. An unprecedented accident can cause serious injury and fatal wounds to the passengers. Although adults may be able to withstand sudden shocks or minor car crashes, small children without proper safety gear seldom survive such mishaps. Thus it is essential to take the safety of your toddler quite seriously so as to protect him/her from such adverse events.

There are a few common tips that can help keep a child as protected as possible that can be followed by parents all over the world:

1. The child should never be held in the lap without any safety harness. This position is quite dangerous as the child is at risk of being buried under the weight of the adult in case there is an accident.

2. It is wiser to let your child sit in the back seat instead of the front seat as most accidents are likely to have the most impact on the front of the vehicle with lesser damage to the rear parts.

3. The child should remain in one position and should never be allowed to have free reign in the car. If the child keeps moving about in the vehicle, it can not only cause a fatal distraction to the driver but can also injure the child in case of sudden bumps or breaks.

Apart from the above mentioned safety measures that should be taken while travelling with a young child, one should also remember never to take a child in the car without a proper baby seat. A baby seat is essential and even mandatory for children of certain age groups as per the laws of certain countries. For instance, in the USA, parents are not allowed to take their new born children home from the hospital after delivery has taken place unless they have a baby car seat fitted in the vehicle.

A baby seat has a safety harness that helps keep the child locked into one position so that he/she is protected from all kinds of shocks or minor accidents that the car may be subjected to. Young children who have not developed a body balance or other motor skills need to have a proper support for their head and body so that they do not unmindfully injure themselves. A baby car seat helps achieve this. The head of the baby is kept firmly in place so that it is not lolling around. Moreover, having a baby car seat in your car also allows you to travel alone with the child without the need of another adult as you can concentrate on your driving while being sure of the fact that the car seat is keeping the baby in a secure position.

Children who are fond of moving about in the vehicle are also successfully restrained thus causing no interruptions in driving. So, to ensure the safety of your baby, it is essential to invest in a good quality car seat from a reputed company.

Tinnitus – Disease and Cure

Many people are victims of buzzing, hissing and crackling in the ears. These continuous noises are called tinnitus by scientists. These sounds are very disabling because they are persistent. What is worse and more annoying than hearing the noise all day long and even at nights during the sleep hours. These invaders leave no breathing space, which leads inexorably to insomnia, fatigue and even depression.

Tinnitus is very diverse in its manifestations. It may cover in one ear or both the ears and you get the impression that they are invading your cranium. Tinnituses are of various origins. They can be caused by diseases or other external circumstances which are hard to identify.

The medical causes are infections, tumors, ear infections, circulatory disorders, deafness and many more.

The outside causes are age, wax formation in ears, dental problems, trauma, stress, prolonged or repeated exposure to high decibels, and so on. This last question in particular is that why are more and more young people suffering from tinnitus. The music systems, discos, mp3 players, stereos in cars are threats for your ears. The State seems to have some concern and is asking manufacturers to rein in their machines. But there is still some way to go before everything is perfect. The education to young people should be the priority, as too few are aware of the risks involved in the same.

This diversity of possible causes means that it is not always easy to diagnose and find the appropriate remedy. Many ways have been tried and are being used for some years. Traditional medicine can provide solutions in specific cases, when there are some medical causes. They may disappear if the disease is treated at the origin of tinnitus. Sometimes a simple hearing aid can also be mitigated significantly.

When the causes are not precisely defined, natural medicine can sometimes be used successfully. The most difficult part is to find the cure for everyone. There are so many different types of tinnituses that one may work for one person but may not work for another. Homeopathy, sophrology, aromatherapy, relaxation, acupuncture, hypnosis, massage, yoga, mesotherapy, osteopathy etc. have been used and have produced some good results.

Finally, a healthy and balanced diet can help reduce the problems caused by tinnitus. If you are in good health than your body will be able to combat the disease better. Avoid caffeine, tobacco, decrease your intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat. It is preferable to take certain vitamins such as vitamin A, B3, D, E, trace elements like magnesium, manganese and iodine.

Of course, it is important that you consult a specialist before choosing a particular treatment. You must not despair and be disheartened. There is certainly a therapy present that matches your type of tinnitus. It’s up to you to find it by exploiting all avenues and to try to free yourself of this haunting noise, which spoils every aspect of your life.

Sleeping and Snoring Remedies

Do you sleep next to someone who snores which causes you to have a sleeping problem? If you do, this could be nothing to snore at. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems and if you or your partner snore this can be an indication of the sleep disorder, sleep apnea a condition where a person stops breathing due to an obstruction in the air passage way. If you think you or your partner has sleep apnea it is advisable to see a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders. The doctor may recommend that further testing may be necessary at a sleep clinic or he may prescribe sleep or snoring remedies that you can try.

Snoring Remedies

Chin Straps, jaw supporters, chin cushions, chin up strips, medical tape, nasal strips, nasal brace, nasal clips, nasal decongestants and oral products that hold your tongue in place to keep your airway are all snoring aides.

If you have sleep apnea the doctor might have you try a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device or CPAP that with high enough pressure will push air into your airway. It might also be recommended to sleep on your side with a memory foam pillow to elevate your head.

A Snore Stopper is worn on your wrist and every time you snore it will send out small pulses, making you adjust your position. Another way to elevate your head is placing blocks underneath the head of your mattress. If you have a hard time sleeping on your side try an Ortho Bed Wedge or sleep positioner.

There are a few lifestyle changes that you can try to alleviate your snoring. An overweight person has bulkier neck tissue that may be applying pressure against their airway. By just a matter of losing 10% of their body weight might lessen the pressure. If you are using alcohol or sleeping pills to get to sleep, they could suppress your breathing strength. Try eliminating them for a night and see if your snoring stops.

Keep your passage ways clear of congestion by breathing in steam, have a room humidifier or try nasal strips.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Calcium taken with magnesium act as a sleep enhancer and better taken together as calcium alone may cause heart problems. Herbal sleep aid remedies such as hops, wild lettuce, catnip, passionflower extract, Kava Kava and chamomile taken as capsules, teas or tinctures help reduce stress, relieve headaches and have been used as mild sedatives for years. Pillows filled with lavender or hops are nontoxic ways to fall asleep. Be careful if you take Kava Kava. There have been reports of liver problems due to toxicity.

Other supplemental sleep remedies include; Melatonin which is known to control your sleep cycle, Valerian a herb that acts like valium but is not addictive, L-theanine an amino acid in green tea that helps you sleep deeper and 5-HTP which has properties like Melatonin, but also helps with depression and anxiety.

Some sleep remedies are simply in the food we eat. Turkey, cheese, nuts, beans, eggs, milk and foods rich in carbohydrates are loaded with tryptophan. Tryptophan is a biochemical that is produced in our body naturally like Melatonin and plays a role in sleep induction. This is why you feel lethargic after a holiday meal. One warning, it is not recommended to take tryptophan as a supplement as it may cause the condition known as scleroderma. Scleroderma causes joint and muscle pain, depression and learning difficulties.

Remember all supplemental sleep aides are not FDA approved therefore it is advisable to discuss taking them with your physician. Some supplements might cause an interaction with other medication, may not be for women that are nursing or pregnant and not recommended if you have other deceases or disorders. Snore remedies like the Snore Stopper wrist band has a warning label that states no one should use the product if they have a heart condition. Heed the warnings and take the proper dosage. As over or under dosages can be dangerous especially for young children and the elderly.

Adult Bunny Costumes – Fun, Lovable and Sexy Costumes For You

Costumes are an essential part of any celebration and more so, if it is a costume party. Costume parties like Halloween, Thanksgiving and theme based parties give you an opportunity to take a break from the regular, casual and formal, dressing and try out something new and interesting. You can wear something you were longing on for years but couldn’t do for one reason or other. So, if you too are invited for a costume party and are looking for an exciting costume then try out adult bunny costumes. Adult Costumes are suitable for all men and women and there are plentiful varieties available to cater to the individual requirements and tastes. You can choose any bunny costume for yourself and your other family members and enjoy the celebrations.

There are many varieties of adult costumes. These costumes are great for couples as they can dress in male and female versions of bunnies and have a great time tricking and treating friends in a party. Men can either opt for the soft and cuddly bunny suit, bunny mascot or get in to the Alice Bunny costume. The men costumes include suits, masks and shoes. You can also buy additional accessories to make your dress look more authentic. Women have options to either go in for a classical bunny look or pick a sexy bunny costume that will make them look hot. The sexy costumes come with dress, collar, tail and cuffs. You can also buy tail, shoes, gloves and other matching accessories to complete the sexy bunny look. These dresses are available in multiple sizes to suit every man and woman.

The Adult Bunny Costumes are designed by leading designers. The designers have tried to bring out the exact replica of the dresses worn by movie and comic characters. In addition they have used finest of materials to ensure that the outfit is comfortable for wearing for long hours. Moreover the costumes are home washable and therefore can be kept for other events also.

It is advisable to buy the Adult Bunny Costumes from licensed retailers as it will guarantee you high quality and hence full value for money. The design of the attire will also be of highest standards. There are many online outfit retailers who specialize in these costumes. You can go online and get detailed information on Adult Bunny Costumes from these online retailers.

How To Stop Snoring

People seem to scratch their heads when they think of ways on how to stop snoring. Occasionally, almost everyone snores but if snoring happens pretty much almost every day, it can affect your health, lifestyle and relationships with other people. If you find the best cure that works well for you, then life would be a whole lot better.

There are several treatments that can effectively manage snoring problems. The degree as to which they can treat the problem actually varies. It depends on the actual cause of snoring, the kind of treatment and how often you use the treatment.

These treatments can be either surgical or non-surgical. Both the surgical and non-surgical treatments can be further divided into different categories. But to summarize the basic methods, here’s a helpful list to guide you on how to stop snoring.

Lose Weight.

Reduce a bit of fatty tissues in your body especially in the back of your throat to decrease snoring during sleeping.

Quit smoking.

Smoking blocks airways in the nose and throat and can even make the snoring worse.

Sleep regularly.

Make sure to have a long and good sleep for eight to ten hours each day. This lessens and controls frequent snoring disturbances. Avoid using sleeping pills to prevent the muscles to interfere with breathing.

Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol reduces the tone of the muscles in the throat.

Change your sleeping position.

Never lie on your back when sleeping. It makes your tongue and soft palate fall to the back wall of your throat. This produces the snoring sound during sleep which are caused by vibrations. Sleep on your side instead because it does not makes your tongue and others tissues block the airway.

Use the right pillows.

Elevate your head four inches with a specially designed pillow and make sure that your neck muscles are not crimped.

Stay hydrated.

Drink a lot of water. Men should drink about 16 cups and women should drink about 12 cups.

Clear nasal passages.

A stuffy nose makes breathing difficult which creates the vacuum that triggers snoring. You can use decongestants or strips to help you breath easily. You can also take a warm shower to unclog the nasal passages, too.

Avoid caffeine and heavy meals.

Three hours before going to sleep. Avoid dairy products too, like fresh milk, cheese and butter.


Singing can increase muscle control and reduces snoring.

Play a wind instrument.

Study shows that playing a wind instrument can strengthen the throat and soft palate.

By following these simple tips, you can learn how to stop snoring. Try which one works best for you.

And remember that all of these are just some of the hundreds of remedies for snoring. If these do not work, consult your personal doctor first and he will probably suggest good ways to change your lifestyle for the better. Your doctor may also recommend oral appliances and even surgeries if snoring still continues to worsen and becomes complicated. New advances in the treatment for snoring and various devices are currently being formulated and invented to help people’s lives become more comfortable and productive.

Book Review: Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe, by DL Reynolds

Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe is an exciting YA series for fans of fantasy, adventure and Christian literature.

The story begins in a cemetery when 13-year old Darla Jade’s soul is ‘raised from her grave’ by Striker, the creature that calls the souls at the resurrection before they’re to go to either Heaven or Hell. Darla is sent to Heaven while another boy, Johnny, is sent to into the vortex of Hell. Once in Heaven, Darla must attend school for training as a Guardian Angel–or Guardian, for short. There, she makes friends but also has a tough time controlling her temper and rudeness. She keeps getting demerits for bad behavior. However, Darla is brave and good at heart and this is what matters, especially because, as the story develops, it becomes clear that she is ‘The One,’ the Guardian who will save the world from Evil. In the Heaven academy, Darla learns a lot from famous teachers such as Leonardo DaVinci, Tesla and Benjamin Franklin.

Meantime, down in Hell, Johnny and other demons are planning to tip the Balance of the Universe in the forms of a evil storm on earth. For this to succeed, Darla must be destroyed, for she is the only one who can stop it and bring the Balance back.

I have a lot of good things to say about this YA fantasy: the pace is quick, with lots of dialogue and action scenes; the worlds of Heaven and Hell are rich, intriguing and imaginative. Author D.L. Reynolds certainly has a flair for world building. What I especially like about it is that the world building doesn’t come in information dumps that slow down the pace, but instead it’s incorporated into the scenes with the action and dialogue. One aspect that got my attention, though–and this is only an observation–is that the first several chapters of the story read more like middle grade (for ages 8-12), and it is only after some time that the plot acquires more ‘heavy’ elements which are more suitable for the YA audience (13 and up). Overall, I’d say this is a novel for the tween and YA audiences and not for middle graders.

Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe was a surprisingly interesting and pleasant read and I look forward to the 2nd book in the series, Darla Jade and the Fallen Feathers.

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