Sleeping and Snoring Remedies

Do you sleep next to someone who snores which causes you to have a sleeping problem? If you do, this could be nothing to snore at. Lack of sleep can cause many health problems and if you or your partner snore this can be an indication of the sleep disorder, sleep apnea a condition where a person stops breathing due to an obstruction in the air passage way. If you think you or your partner has sleep apnea it is advisable to see a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders. The doctor may recommend that further testing may be necessary at a sleep clinic or he may prescribe sleep or snoring remedies that you can try.

Snoring Remedies

Chin Straps, jaw supporters, chin cushions, chin up strips, medical tape, nasal strips, nasal brace, nasal clips, nasal decongestants and oral products that hold your tongue in place to keep your airway are all snoring aides.

If you have sleep apnea the doctor might have you try a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device or CPAP that with high enough pressure will push air into your airway. It might also be recommended to sleep on your side with a memory foam pillow to elevate your head.

A Snore Stopper is worn on your wrist and every time you snore it will send out small pulses, making you adjust your position. Another way to elevate your head is placing blocks underneath the head of your mattress. If you have a hard time sleeping on your side try an Ortho Bed Wedge or sleep positioner.

There are a few lifestyle changes that you can try to alleviate your snoring. An overweight person has bulkier neck tissue that may be applying pressure against their airway. By just a matter of losing 10% of their body weight might lessen the pressure. If you are using alcohol or sleeping pills to get to sleep, they could suppress your breathing strength. Try eliminating them for a night and see if your snoring stops.

Keep your passage ways clear of congestion by breathing in steam, have a room humidifier or try nasal strips.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Calcium taken with magnesium act as a sleep enhancer and better taken together as calcium alone may cause heart problems. Herbal sleep aid remedies such as hops, wild lettuce, catnip, passionflower extract, Kava Kava and chamomile taken as capsules, teas or tinctures help reduce stress, relieve headaches and have been used as mild sedatives for years. Pillows filled with lavender or hops are nontoxic ways to fall asleep. Be careful if you take Kava Kava. There have been reports of liver problems due to toxicity.

Other supplemental sleep remedies include; Melatonin which is known to control your sleep cycle, Valerian a herb that acts like valium but is not addictive, L-theanine an amino acid in green tea that helps you sleep deeper and 5-HTP which has properties like Melatonin, but also helps with depression and anxiety.

Some sleep remedies are simply in the food we eat. Turkey, cheese, nuts, beans, eggs, milk and foods rich in carbohydrates are loaded with tryptophan. Tryptophan is a biochemical that is produced in our body naturally like Melatonin and plays a role in sleep induction. This is why you feel lethargic after a holiday meal. One warning, it is not recommended to take tryptophan as a supplement as it may cause the condition known as scleroderma. Scleroderma causes joint and muscle pain, depression and learning difficulties.

Remember all supplemental sleep aides are not FDA approved therefore it is advisable to discuss taking them with your physician. Some supplements might cause an interaction with other medication, may not be for women that are nursing or pregnant and not recommended if you have other deceases or disorders. Snore remedies like the Snore Stopper wrist band has a warning label that states no one should use the product if they have a heart condition. Heed the warnings and take the proper dosage. As over or under dosages can be dangerous especially for young children and the elderly.

Adult Bunny Costumes – Fun, Lovable and Sexy Costumes For You

Costumes are an essential part of any celebration and more so, if it is a costume party. Costume parties like Halloween, Thanksgiving and theme based parties give you an opportunity to take a break from the regular, casual and formal, dressing and try out something new and interesting. You can wear something you were longing on for years but couldn’t do for one reason or other. So, if you too are invited for a costume party and are looking for an exciting costume then try out adult bunny costumes. Adult Costumes are suitable for all men and women and there are plentiful varieties available to cater to the individual requirements and tastes. You can choose any bunny costume for yourself and your other family members and enjoy the celebrations.

There are many varieties of adult costumes. These costumes are great for couples as they can dress in male and female versions of bunnies and have a great time tricking and treating friends in a party. Men can either opt for the soft and cuddly bunny suit, bunny mascot or get in to the Alice Bunny costume. The men costumes include suits, masks and shoes. You can also buy additional accessories to make your dress look more authentic. Women have options to either go in for a classical bunny look or pick a sexy bunny costume that will make them look hot. The sexy costumes come with dress, collar, tail and cuffs. You can also buy tail, shoes, gloves and other matching accessories to complete the sexy bunny look. These dresses are available in multiple sizes to suit every man and woman.

The Adult Bunny Costumes are designed by leading designers. The designers have tried to bring out the exact replica of the dresses worn by movie and comic characters. In addition they have used finest of materials to ensure that the outfit is comfortable for wearing for long hours. Moreover the costumes are home washable and therefore can be kept for other events also.

It is advisable to buy the Adult Bunny Costumes from licensed retailers as it will guarantee you high quality and hence full value for money. The design of the attire will also be of highest standards. There are many online outfit retailers who specialize in these costumes. You can go online and get detailed information on Adult Bunny Costumes from these online retailers.

How To Stop Snoring

People seem to scratch their heads when they think of ways on how to stop snoring. Occasionally, almost everyone snores but if snoring happens pretty much almost every day, it can affect your health, lifestyle and relationships with other people. If you find the best cure that works well for you, then life would be a whole lot better.

There are several treatments that can effectively manage snoring problems. The degree as to which they can treat the problem actually varies. It depends on the actual cause of snoring, the kind of treatment and how often you use the treatment.

These treatments can be either surgical or non-surgical. Both the surgical and non-surgical treatments can be further divided into different categories. But to summarize the basic methods, here’s a helpful list to guide you on how to stop snoring.

Lose Weight.

Reduce a bit of fatty tissues in your body especially in the back of your throat to decrease snoring during sleeping.

Quit smoking.

Smoking blocks airways in the nose and throat and can even make the snoring worse.

Sleep regularly.

Make sure to have a long and good sleep for eight to ten hours each day. This lessens and controls frequent snoring disturbances. Avoid using sleeping pills to prevent the muscles to interfere with breathing.

Avoid alcohol.

Alcohol reduces the tone of the muscles in the throat.

Change your sleeping position.

Never lie on your back when sleeping. It makes your tongue and soft palate fall to the back wall of your throat. This produces the snoring sound during sleep which are caused by vibrations. Sleep on your side instead because it does not makes your tongue and others tissues block the airway.

Use the right pillows.

Elevate your head four inches with a specially designed pillow and make sure that your neck muscles are not crimped.

Stay hydrated.

Drink a lot of water. Men should drink about 16 cups and women should drink about 12 cups.

Clear nasal passages.

A stuffy nose makes breathing difficult which creates the vacuum that triggers snoring. You can use decongestants or strips to help you breath easily. You can also take a warm shower to unclog the nasal passages, too.

Avoid caffeine and heavy meals.

Three hours before going to sleep. Avoid dairy products too, like fresh milk, cheese and butter.


Singing can increase muscle control and reduces snoring.

Play a wind instrument.

Study shows that playing a wind instrument can strengthen the throat and soft palate.

By following these simple tips, you can learn how to stop snoring. Try which one works best for you.

And remember that all of these are just some of the hundreds of remedies for snoring. If these do not work, consult your personal doctor first and he will probably suggest good ways to change your lifestyle for the better. Your doctor may also recommend oral appliances and even surgeries if snoring still continues to worsen and becomes complicated. New advances in the treatment for snoring and various devices are currently being formulated and invented to help people’s lives become more comfortable and productive.

Book Review: Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe, by DL Reynolds

Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe is an exciting YA series for fans of fantasy, adventure and Christian literature.

The story begins in a cemetery when 13-year old Darla Jade’s soul is ‘raised from her grave’ by Striker, the creature that calls the souls at the resurrection before they’re to go to either Heaven or Hell. Darla is sent to Heaven while another boy, Johnny, is sent to into the vortex of Hell. Once in Heaven, Darla must attend school for training as a Guardian Angel–or Guardian, for short. There, she makes friends but also has a tough time controlling her temper and rudeness. She keeps getting demerits for bad behavior. However, Darla is brave and good at heart and this is what matters, especially because, as the story develops, it becomes clear that she is ‘The One,’ the Guardian who will save the world from Evil. In the Heaven academy, Darla learns a lot from famous teachers such as Leonardo DaVinci, Tesla and Benjamin Franklin.

Meantime, down in Hell, Johnny and other demons are planning to tip the Balance of the Universe in the forms of a evil storm on earth. For this to succeed, Darla must be destroyed, for she is the only one who can stop it and bring the Balance back.

I have a lot of good things to say about this YA fantasy: the pace is quick, with lots of dialogue and action scenes; the worlds of Heaven and Hell are rich, intriguing and imaginative. Author D.L. Reynolds certainly has a flair for world building. What I especially like about it is that the world building doesn’t come in information dumps that slow down the pace, but instead it’s incorporated into the scenes with the action and dialogue. One aspect that got my attention, though–and this is only an observation–is that the first several chapters of the story read more like middle grade (for ages 8-12), and it is only after some time that the plot acquires more ‘heavy’ elements which are more suitable for the YA audience (13 and up). Overall, I’d say this is a novel for the tween and YA audiences and not for middle graders.

Darla Jade and the Balance of the Universe was a surprisingly interesting and pleasant read and I look forward to the 2nd book in the series, Darla Jade and the Fallen Feathers.

Facts About Starting an Adult Daycare Home Business

There’s been a recent rise in the number of Adult Daycare Home Businesses springing up everywhere around the world, what with an estimated one in four families providing care for an elderly relative today. Before you decide to jump on the group home business bandwagon, though, you need to know as much as possible. This brief guide will help.

Some questions you should ask yourself before starting an Adult Daycare home business, or any other home business for that matter, are:

  • What are your talents and skills?
  • Are you looking for a home based career or just to supplement your income?
  • Do you have space in your home for an office?
  • Is your family willing to support you in having a business based in their home?
  • Are you willing to put in the necessary work it takes to get a business off the ground and to sustain it once you have?
  • Do you want to help people?

The last question is particularly important when it comes to operating and starting an Adult Daycare home business for the elderly. Because if you’re just doing it for the money, you’re likely to be overwhelmed by the personal interaction required for this business.

Some people are happier working all day long at a computer, not having to deal with other people face to face. Or they prefer detailing people’s cars or doing their lawn care to providing personal service that demands constantly interacting with people.

Everybody’s different, and that’s a good thing. Just understand that even if you set up an Adult Daycare home business across town from your own home, you’re going to have to deal with people on a daily basis.

If you decide that starting an Adult Daycare business for the elderly is just the type of business you’re looking for, you’ll have to find out what the laws and regulations are, as well as what licenses are necessary in your state. There are certain to be some, and you need to know what they are in case you have to obtain any special certifications. CPR and first aid certifications are two that most states are likely going to require you to personally have.

Another thing that you’ll have to look into before you buy or rent that house that you think would be just perfect starting an Adult Day Care home business, are the area’s zoning regulations. This can be a sticky situation in many places, and even if there are no zoning laws or regulations against your opening a group home business where you’d like to, you could well find yourself up against a lot of resistance. It’s mandatory that you know this upfront.

You can look for another location for starting a group home business for the elderly, or you just might decide that this is not the business for you.

Funding for group home businesses is not as hard to find as you might think. The Small Business Association, as well as many banks and other financial institutions, can point you in the direction you need to go to find the money you need to purchase a home for starting a group home business.

You’ll want to understand all the terms, conditions, and financial obligations. You’ll also want to find out if you must use your current home as collateral. Putting your own house up as collateral may be more than you’re willing to risk for any new venture.

Insurance for your elderly group home business is something you’ll definitely have to have. Liability insurance is mandatory. You’ll also need fire and theft insurance. If you plan to offer any type of medical assistance to the people in your elderly group home, you may even need malpractice insurance.

Other insurance requirements may also be involved. Learn everything you can about the different types of insurance coverage you’ll need, and then shop around for the best prices to obtain the necessary policies you’ll need for starting a group home business.

Unless you plan to live in your Adult Daycare business and do everything yourself you’ll need assistants and a concierge service for senior citizens. Planning for meals, transportation to doctors, dentists, hairdressers, and events, cleaning, and activities are other things that need to be considered before starting an Adult Daycare.

You will also want someone to oversee medications and ensure that people receive and take them at the proper times.

Starting a Group Home Business for the elderly is not for everybody, but if it’s for you, then you’ll find it tremendously rewarding. And in huge demand. Going into the elderly group home business with your eyes open and doing your homework first will assure that your Adult Daycare Home Business is a successful one.

Teens Learn Life’s Lessons in "A Wind In Montana"

Some novels simply entertain and others contain a powerful message in the story line and characters. In his debut novel, A Wind In Montana, Mitch Davies tells a story about teens coming of age and how they accept responsibility for their lives.

A Wind In Montana is a compelling tale of two teenagers, Rory Coleman and Victoria Beach, high school students at the same school, who struggle with making the right decision for themselves. As each of them nears adulthood, they become more concerned with the future and setting goals that will bring them happiness and fulfillment.

Rory has to plot his own course since his parents aren’t interested. He chooses to pursue a profession in chemistry, applies for a chemistry scholarship, and determines to do everything he can to achieve it. Along the path, Rory finds that even though he has a plan, there are obstacles that could prevent him from realizing his goals.

Victoria’s struggles are different from Rory’s. Her father is very involved with Victoria’s life plans and has decided that she should become a professional musician. Her band teacher agrees – Victoria is talented and should make the most of it. Victoria has other plans for her life though, and when she turns her attention away from music to other subjects her father and teacher team up to convince her that she’s doing the wrong thing.

Together, Rory and Victoria attempt to follow their dreams, despite the opposition and obstacles in their paths. A Wind In Montana contains a lesson for all teens about to enter adulthood – that disappointment and setbacks are going to occur no matter how determined they are and that they need to develop skills along the way that will help them deal with them effectively.

There are so many major decisions facing teens today – social, sex, parents, other influencing adults and school work – and there’s no guarantee that their plans will succeed, even if they make the so-called ‘right’ decisions. A Wind In Montana explores how two teenagers struggled with their own, unique decisions and how the choices they made affected their lives.

The problems that Rory and Victoria have to deal with are the same that effects today’s teens. Their problems are different than the ones their parents had to face and no matter how hard parents try to push in one direction, they have to learn to let go, releasing them to make their own mistakes – or successes.

Mitch Davies’ book stands out among today’s teen books that deal with fantasy situations. A Wind In Montana is a real story about real people facing real-life situations. It’s entertaining and also helps readers think about their own lives – and offers various ways to handle situations that may arise.

Mockingjay Review

MILD SPOILER ALERT:  This review contains spoilers – so please come back once you have read Mockingjay.

It felt like we had to wait forever, but finally Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series has been released and as a conclusion to the trilogy, it doesn’t disappoint.

In the first book, The Hunger Games, we discover a world ruled by a dictatorship that demands that every year children from different districts will fight to the death in a giant televised event. It is in that book that Katniss, at the age of 16,  is thrown into the Games only to emerge after having broken all the rules and taken back a small amount of control. In Mockingjay, Katniss is still breaking the rules. Here she’s the face of a rebellion against the all-powerful Capitol. The situation has now descended into all out war. There are no longer any more Games being held in the arena, as they’re now spread out throughout the districts.

This story is at once heartbreaking and horrifying. It’s brutal and Suzanne Collins never spares the blood or the gore. That’s not to say she does it pointlessly. Every wound or death has a purpose and an aftermath. Everything is connected and written for a reason. The readers are drawn along emotionally. We feel every blow along with Katniss, and mourn all of the loved ones that she loses along the way. Katniss falls apart, and in a way, so do we.

This is a war story. We find out what it means to be a volunteer and yet still be a pawn. Suzanne Collins develops the supporting characters beautifully, so much so that we learn to care about them and some of their deaths can be a bit hard to take. That might upset some people, but for me it was one of the strong points of the book. The war is depicted as real and horrible. There’s no clear good and bad guys either. Mockingjay continues to be just as complex and intriguing with its areas of grey as the first two books. You can never take anything for granted.

And all of that is bigger than the love story – the speculation about who Katniss will choose, Peeta or Gale. While Katniss continues to love them both, romance has never been a priority for her and that stays true in Mockingjay. It’s always been about survival for Katniss and making sure her loved ones, including Gale and Peeta, survive too. Nevertheless, the war does eventually come to an end and she does make a choice. Because she’s been to hell and back and lost so much along the way, the decision, the ending, seems somewhat real. You know that Katniss will never be the same again.

While I loved this book, I do have some criticisms of it. I was expecting Katniss to develop more in Mockingjay. I really thought her internal struggle would be a reflection of what was happening in Panem. I thought that as the districts took back their power, so too would Katniss emerge as the master of her own destiny. Unfortunately it never really happens. She never reaches her full potential and ends her days in passive reflection. Was she manipulated by Snow, or did she, in the final moment, act on her own, setting everyone free to start over, with no Capitol and no District 13? It felt to me that Katniss’ inner journey was never fully resolved. I would have liked her to have had a moment to reflect, to know that she had achieved it, that she had finally become the Mockingjay for real and that once she’d finished her task – had done all she could do –  she was ready to leave. But there is no neat ending for Mockingjay. It doesn’t’ get wrapped up nicely with a bow. The ending was a little unsettling, which is definitely part of its strength and its beauty, but a part of me was left wishing for a just a little bit more.

Fuzzoodles Review

Maybe you have seen the commercial for Fuzzoodles on television and thought this toy would make a great gift for your kids or grandparents but you aren’t really sure if they are worth the price. Some people may think that Fuzzoodles are cheap or boring, but for a kid, this toy can spark their creativity like other toys can’t.

Fuzzoodles Review

A Fuzzoodles looks sort of like a fuzzy pipe cleaner. It can be twisted, bent, and shaped into so many different things. With the parts that come with the set you can make different animals, monsters, and creatures. It even comes with a book of ideas to show what you can make with the set you receive.

This is not a very expensive toy and is definitely nothing like the latest video game or latest gadget for kids, but kids and adults seem to love shaping these pieces into their own creations. Fuzzoodles can be made into simple creatures, or you can get creative and use them to decorate things like pens, door knobs, headbands, and even make them into bracelets. They can be good for both boys and girls.

Fuzzoodles Pros and Cons

There are both pros and cons to this toy. The major pro of this toy is that it encourages creativity and imagination in kids. There are not many toys that do this anymore and it can be a good way to get your kids having fun using their imagination. Also, Fuzzoodle sets are rather inexpensive and they can last for a long time.

A con of this toy is that for some kids it may be frustrating that they can’t make the creatures they want. They may need help at first coming up with ideas as well as actually constructing the Fuzzoodles. The manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 5 and over so keep this in mind when buying this toy.

Just like any toy Fuzzoodles will appeal to certain people while other people and kids may not have an interest in a toy like this.

Review – The Purloined Boy

The Purloined Boy, Mortimus Clay, 2009, ISBN 9780982159804

This is the tale of Trevor, a young boy who becomes one of those children who end up on milk cartons under the word Missing.

Trevor is living in a dark and dreary town called Superbia, along with many other children. Think of an orphanage from Victorian England. They are not allowed to say words like “parents” or “home.” If they do, the bogeymen who run Superbia (and who kidnapped the children from their beds), will send them away for behavior modification, or send them to the Pantry, to be fattened up and eaten by the bogeymen. Becoming a meal for the bogeymen is the eventual fate of all the children.

After a very vivid dream about his parents, Trevor asks about going home, and is sent away for behavior modification. Around this time, he meets Maggie, a fellow orphan who also has memories of life before Superbia. She tells Trevor that she is part of a secret society whose aim is to help all the children who want to return home to actually do it. He also meets Epictetus, a one-eyed slave who is a leader in the “underground,” and Zephyr, a very unique talking mouse. Trevor also learns about Trothward, a very nice place outside Superbia. He also learns about the long-term war going on between the Guild, who runs Trothward, and Lucian, the leader of the bogeymen. This leads Trevor to one adventure, and narrow escape, after another, while he is traversing many dank and dreary passageways beneath Superbia.

This is a young adult book that was made to be read aloud to older children, say between 10-13 years old. It may be a little too much for younger children. There are a number of dark and spooky bits in this story, and, being first in a series, there is not a “happily ever after” ending. The author does an excellent job with this tale from beginning to end, and it is very much worth the time.

Career Book Review "101 Ways To Successfully Market Yourself" by Jay Miletsky

In today’s marketplace, your career is 100 percent your responsibility, including marketing your strengths. Unfortunately, marketing can be maligned, especially when you’re the product being marketed. Honest attempts can appear boastful, so we hesitate to do so. Yet, if people aren’t aware of your strengths, how will they know when, where, and how to use them?

The best self-marketing centers around building relationships and having fun doing so. Successful self-marketing can, among other things, enhance your job search, promote your own company, grab a piece of the spotlight (i.e. become a thought leader/industry innovator), and make new friends.

Following is the second of three articles summarizing “101” career books published by Course Technology. A different author highlights what it takes to achieve professional success in the 21st century for each book. Here, it’s businessman and marketing expert, Jason Miletsky. His new book is entitled 101 Ways To Successfully Market Yourself.”

Miletsky is CEO and executive creative director for a leading marketing communications agency in New York City. He’s a featured speaker for numerous companies and seminars and guest lectures for universities.

“101 Ways To Successfully Market Yourself,” is a short read of 88 pages, long on self-marketing tips. You’re bound to learn some new applications to advance your career. Use Miletsky’s ideas to gauge how many techniques you currently incorporate to promote yourself, and decide which ones best suit your needs.

The book reads in three easy parts. The first is entitled, “27 MYM (Marketing Yourself Mandates);” and establishes the foundation of your self-promotional efforts. Miletsky’s tips include:

  1. Understand Your Personal Brand. Your personal brand is your personal reputation. It’s key to successfully market yourself and sustain relevant long-term connections. People will decide to befriend or distance you based on your personality, sense of style, unique qualities, what and how you say it, commitment follow through and what you potentially bring to the table.

22. Do Something Specific to Stand Out. Accomplish something that separates you from the crowd, and you’ll find yourself in more demand. Suggestions include write a book, or articles for popular print/online publications, record a series of Web videos, and hold a seminar.

27. Don’t Give Up-It Won’t Happen Overnight. “Marketing yourself is a process,” says Miletsky. It takes time to meet new people and build a following. Persevere.

Part II is titled, “Make The Most of The Web.” Miletsky emphasizes that to effectively market yourself today, you need to include the Web. “Social networking may die down a bit over time, but it’s here to stay,” he says. For space interest, Miletsky assumes you have a basic knowledge of the three big social networking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If not, he advocates learning their attributes as soon as possible. Highlights include:

28. Make Social Networking Part of Your Daily Routine. Social networking does take time and effort. It can take a while before you see results. “This can be frustrating, because thanks to the speed of the Web, most people have lost their patience to allow things to happen over time,” says Miletsky. Incorporate social networking into your daily routine, using the Big 3 sites. Send an e-mail blast once a month to your contacts. Inform them of your new blog posts and other information.

63. Get Your Name in a URL. Make sure you secure your name as a URL. It’s good marketing for any of your online activities you engage in. Defensively it prevents someone else from cashing in on your name, as you become better known.

69. Broadcast What You Write. Get the URL for any blog post you write or comment you leave on someone else’s blog (shorten the URL through or some other shortening service). Broadcast it on Twitter, use it in LinkedIn conversations, and post it on relevant Facebook groups and your Facebook wall.

“There’s Life Offline-Get Out and Meet Real People,” is Miletsky’s third message. Among his suggestions are:

78. Become a Regular. Frequent various places. Over time, people will recognize your face, making connections easier.

82. Seek Out Public Speaking Opportunities. Meet numerous people all at once. Be a featured speaker in a room full of people listening. Speakers command attention, are focal points for attendees; and many will want to befriend you afterwards.

101. Make Follow-Up a Ritual. Make sure you follow up with each new contact within 24 hours after your initial connection. Send a quick e-mail to remind new contacts who you are, how you met, and conversations had. Suggest a future meeting when you sense mutual benefits.

Six appendices enrich the book; with the first listing Miletsky’s top 30 Twitter tools. “Twitter is one of the absolute best ways to get people to notice you,” he says. Endorsements include:

  • Tweetdeck. Provides numerous columns to allow simultaneous monitoring of people you follow, tweets mentioning you, direct messages and any other keyword/group you choose.

  • Twitterholic. Checks your relative ranking and graphs your followers over time.
  • Nearby Tweets. Enhances local marketing by entering desired geographical location/keyword. Site shows the people within that radius that fit the description.

The ” Who You Should Follow On Twitter” List is Appendix B, and details 31 active links to find good people to follow on the site. Included are:

  • 25 SEO Gurus.

  • 50 Users to Follow for Job Searching.
  • Top 237 People to Follow on Twitter Who Will Follow You Back.

The most comprehensive appendix, titled, “Strategies for Success,” specifies how to maximize your achievements at work. Its nine tips include “Visualize Success,” and “Learn How to Advance within the Company;” which features 30 soul-searching questions pertaining to seeking a management position. Those queries include:

  • Are you decisive?

  • Can you see yourself calmly and objectively handling crisis situations?
  • Do you do your best work all the time?

Other appendices highlight LinkedIn groups, networking events and additional social networking sites.

Marketing yourself is no longer an option. To enjoy long-term career success, learn and hone a process that works for you; and have fun doing it.

Complement Miletsky’s message with Rashika Fernando’s “101 Career Success Tips,” and Carol A. Silvis’s “101 Ways To Make Yourself Indispensable at Work,” to jump-start your career, whether employed, unemployed, seasoned or novice.

You can follow the author on Twitter at

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